How to Do Cosplay As a Beginner

Many people love anime and cosplay, but they do not know how to do cosplay as a beginner.Here are some tips that may help you.

Step One: plan your cosplay and decide who you want to cosplay.
You can choose a character similar to you. Remember that cosplay is for anyone and you can cosplay any character from a film, television program or a western anime.As it is the first time for you to cosplay, it would be better for you to choose a character with a simple design.

Step Two: make or buy your cosplay and write down a list of all the things you need.
Don’t forget the props and accessories, which may make your cosplay more realistic. Read the convention’s rules concerning props to find out what is and what isn’t allowed.

Step Three: make your hair and makeup same with the character you portray

You should think about how to change the character’s hair and makeup into real life, decide whether to use your own hair or not. To make the cosplay more attractive, you can even dye your hair or cut it if you want to better suit the character.You should also wear makeup,because it makes your skin appear smoother and more photogenic.

Step Four: put your cosplay into play

When everything is done, you should go out for public and attend the big event. If something doesn’t fit or feel comfortable, you should spend some time to fix it, just to make sure that your cosplay is comfortable and durable.Then try to get into character.

Be aware that there are also some rules for should respect others. Don’t feel upset when someone does not want to play with you. Cosplay is supposed to be fun.Just go to meet up with friends or make new ones, and enjoy yourself. If you are shy,you can go to some panels, gathering, or other events. There are still lots of things to do at conventions while in cosplay!

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